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Remarketing Basics

January 25th, 2015

According to one study, only 2% of the visitors on your website actually convert into customers. Remarketing is a way to bring back the remaining 98% visitors back to your website. This improves conversion possibilities manifolds and if done correctly, brings about a better ROI. Remarketing works by keeping track of existing visitors on a particular website and later showing them Ads through various Ad networks.

As the competition grows in digital advertising world, more and more methods evolve to target the right audience and improve ROI. Remarketing is a clever technique used by various Ad networks that provides better conversion rates and quality leads. A visitor is likely to visit the same website again only if he feels the need to make a decision. This is key to the whole concept.

In contrast to traditional marketing campaigns, retargeting can be more expensive but often rewarding. There are risks attached to this method specially when same audience is not monitored for results. As a consequence, cost per click will rise eventually without delivering quality leads. This is the sole reason why a shorter duration is preferred to track audience because during the course of time, same people will not convert and it’s not wise to show them ads repeatedly.

Some websites where you can conduct retargeting are:

  • Adroll
  • PerfectAudience
  • Google Adwords

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